The Knivemaker

Joachim Faust began making knives in 1977 as a hobby and runs it full time since 1980. All knives are usually single copies. Of course,  knives are manufactured in accordance with your wishes. Engravings are made mainly by Edgar Apel. The knife-sheaths are also made by a leather specialist.

Please note all knives / swords  are coming with a lifetime warranty!

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Slashing Sword – handle of walrus tusk


Stainless steel / lapis (Cites E 1976/04)
Blade Material:
Balbach Damask
Blade thickness:

Slashing Sword – handle of walrus tusk

Blade width 40/30 mm

Focus 200 mm from the quillons
Weight 820 g
Dimensions: 1020 mm x 0 mm x 0 mm